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Rhodes Scholars for years 1903 to 1949

 Cecil John Rhodes - ScholarshipsIn his Will of 1899 Cecil Rhodes provided for a number of scholarships to be awarded on an annual basis for study. Six scholarships were allocated for Australia, one for each Colony (now State). By 2008 over 7000 Rhodes Scholarships have been awarded.

We have created a searchable index of Rhodes scholarship recipients from the years 1903 to 1949. This index includes name, country or state, year of award and date of birth in most cases. Approximately half of the scholarships are from the British Dominions and Colonies.

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Title: Rhodes Scholars for years 1903 to 1949
Description: Contains the individual Names, Country/State, Year awarded the Rhodes Scholarship and Date of Birth
Source: Register of Rhodes Scholars 1903 - 1945

Name (Country or State) Date of Birth Year Scholarship Awarded

Dixon, Hugh Hume. (Rhodesia)

9 Oct 1902


Hume, Theodore Carswell (U.S.A.-at-Large)

10 July 1904


Johnson, Edward Dudley Hume (Ohio)

29 Nov 1911


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