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South Australian Motor Vehicle Registrations 1906 - 1927

We are currently working with the National Motor Museum to transcribe this research from hand typed paper pages to electronic format. This project will ensure that the work of George Brooks will be available to a wider audience and give family historians a glimpse into their family motoring history .

The records cover a period of 21 years from 1906 when motor vehicle registration commenced in South Australia. The data contained in this database consists of Car registration number, Registered Owners Name(s), Address (suburb/Town) and in many instances the vehicle model.

Australian National Motor Museum

We would like to thank the National Motor Museum and Mr George Brooks who are the owners of the research for giving us permission to publish this database. You can visit the National Motor Museum at Birdwood in South Australia or view its website at

UPDATE **** 8 Jan 2012. New records added covering the years 1921 and 1922.

UPDATED **** Currently only the records relating to the years 1906 to 1922 are available via the search engine. Additional years will be released online as they are converted to an electronic format.

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Title: South Australian Motor Vehicle Registrations 1906 - 1927
Description: South Australian Motor Vehicle Registrations 1906 - 1927 inluding vehicle models
Source: Published with Permission from the Australian National Motor Museum. The National Motor Museum and Mr George Brooks are the owners of this information.

Name and Address Date/Year Registered Plate Number (Car Make/Model)

E. J. Hume, Park Terrace, Parkside


7837 (29.4 Hudson)

E. J. Hume, Park, Terrace Parkside


7849 (22.5 Ford)

F. L. Hume, Flinders Street, Adelaide


10312 (16.9 Hupmobile)

Hume Bros., City

January 1, 1918

9733 (21 Maxwell)

Hume Bros., Flinders St., Adelaide

February 1, 1916

6380 (8 Humberette)

Hume Bros., Flinders Street



Hume Bros., Flinders Street, Adelaide

October 25, 1919

4184 (22.5 Ford )

Hume Bros., Flinders Street, Adelaide

November 25, 1919

4556 (22.1 Kohler)

Hume Brothers, Cement and Iron Company, Limited, Flinders Street, Adelaide


6221 (15.8 Argyll)

Hume pipe Co., Ltd., Currie St. Adelaide

June 26, 1922

15162 (22.5 Ford)

Hume Pipe Company, Limited North Terrace, Adelaide


10874 (25.3 Buick)

Hume, Pipe Company, Limited, Adelaide


9092 (27.3 Buick)

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