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Sands and McDougall’s South Australian Directory For 1885
Family History - Index Overview
Article Index
Sands and McDougall’s South Australian Directory For 1885
Front Cover
Sands and McDougall - 1885 - South Australia

We are currently in the process of creating a searchable index of entries from Sands & McDougall’s South Australian Directory for 1885 which incorporates Boothby’s South Australian Directory. The alphabetical section of the directory has been transcribed and allows you to search over 40,000 unique records online.    

Search Sands and McDougall's SA Directory here.

Original Publication Details
Sands & McDougall’s South Australian Directory For 1885,
With which is incorporated Boothby’s South Australian Directory.
Twenty-Second year of publication.
Containing Street, Alphabetical, and Mercantile Directory,
Together with Government and Official, Ecclesiastical, Legal, Municipal, and Miscellaneous Information.
Printed and Published by Sands & McDougall, 54 King William St. 1885


The complete alphabetical section of the directory is now available.

In total the alphabetical section in this directory is 346 pages long and contains over 40,000 entries. The records in this section typically contain
- Surname,
- Given Names (Initials),
- Occupation, 
- Location

It should also be noted that we have transcribed the index “as is” meaning that we have not corrected any spelling errors or abbreviations (the publishers have regularly abbreviated given names, occupations and locations.

The remaining component of the alphabetical section is currently being transcribed and will be available in the near future. Registered users will be notified as each release from this directory is made available online.

Search Sands and McDougall's SA Directory here.





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