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SA Automobile club - 1910 annual meeting
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Below is an article that appeared in the The Advertiser, Tuesday 18 October 1910 on page 7 describing the annual meeting of the Automobile Club of South Australia.



The annual meeting of the Automobile Club of South Australia was held at the clubrooms, Commercial Rank Chambers, on Monday evening;  Mr. T. E. Barr Smith (president) in the chair.

The secretary (Mr. W. T. Patterson) submitted his annual report, which stated that the committee had supported the British Medical Association in its endeavor to have the "move-on" regulation amended, and it was hoped that concessions would be obtained from the corporation and the Government on the subject. The question of the condition of the main roads had been much discussed, and no doubt during the coming year some action would be taken to induce the Government to do something for their improvement. It was hoped that the Government could be induced to appoint an inspector, whose duty it would be to see that the money granted was properly spent and the roads were constructed and repaired on proper lines. District councils should be prepared to attend to dangerous points and erect finger posts on roads. The membership of the club stood as under: Town member, 122; country, 23; associate, 15; total, 160; compared with 162 for the previous year, Regret was expressed at the death during the year of Messrs. Bertie Barr Smith. R.B. Cuming. And Berry Smith, members of the club. The clubrooms had been little used by members, but they were not costly, and though far from ideal in point of situation and convenience, they were not unsuitable, and all they desired could not be obtained at the price they could pay. He hoped the future held more life and success for the club. They required more members,  a little more enthusiasm, and then they could be a power for the good of the roads and motorists generally. Adopted.

The balance-sheet indicated a satisfactory state of affairs. The statement showed that the capital account had been debited with a loss of £36. but the club had written off £21, and besides had an extraordinary expenditure of £10 10 on the road map. The secretary said the expenditure had just about been met by the income. The outstanding subscriptions totalled £16. Subscriptions and entrance fees totalled £149. The report was adopted.

Officers elected : Patron, his Excellency the Governor: president. Mr. H. A. Parsons; vice-president. Dr. J. B. Gunson and R. Humphrey Marten, and Messrs. T. E. Barr Smith and V. Lewis; committee, Drs. Cudmore and B. Smeaton, and Messrs. C. T. Bray. R. A. Duncan. W. A. Hargreaves. H. P. Onslow, and E. Malpas;  captain. Mr. R. P. Wicksteed; marshal. Mr. T. A. Chandler; treasurer. Mr. R. J. Hancock.; secretary. Mr. W. T. Paterson.


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